Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peaceful Parenting

While both Attachment Parenting and RIE have founders and tenets, this parenting style is so decentralized that it doesn't even go by one name. Peaceful Parenting. Respectful Parenting. Positive Parenting. Gentle Parenting. Natural Parenting.  Aware Parenting. The proponents of Attachment Parenting and RIE advocates would feel right at home in this style.


Dr. Laura Markham of Aha!Parenting describes the principles of peaceful parenting as:
  • Taking responsibility for regulating our own emotions
  • Setting limits with empathy
  • Understanding a child's behaviour before reacting to it
  • Connecting with your child, especially when correcting
  • Accepting all feelings with compassion
  • Recognizing the importance of parental self-care

One of the most interesting things about this parenting style which is not stated explicitly in these tenets is that it is considered 'peaceful' because it does not involve punishment. Advocates believe that connecting with your child will allow you to teach your child right from wrong. While obedience to parental demands is not a part of this parenting style, its supporters will be quick to tell you that it doesn't mean that they are permissive. And for those who feel like this parenting movement excludes a faith-based parenting approach, there are several blogs that detail how to approach peaceful parenting from a Christian perspective.

From a personal perspective, I was both intrigued and skeptical about this style of parenting. However, after a lot of reading and using this style to parent, I find it suits my family's needs very well. It is definitely a very different perspective from traditional parenting practices.

For further thought:

How does this parenting style compare to compare to how you were raised? In what ways do you wish you had been more or less raised like this?

What appeals to you about this parenting style?

What makes you uncomfortable with this parenting style?

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